Generally speaking, relays are switches that run on electric signals. An electronic relay operates by closing or opening a switch on receipt of a signal. If you consider relay buy online, you will get either complex semiconductor arrays without any movable components or easy to operate mechanical switches.

Relays play a critical role in protecting your equipment.

Common types of relays available in the market

Circuit breakers, present with every electrical system, are manufactured for shutting down the power in the event of detection of electrical faults. These are simple relays that come with vital safety features, without which even a seemingly insignificant fault can lead to major equipment damage.

Apart from circuit breaker, another common category of electronic relay is the surge protector. These have the capability to shut down power in the event of hazardous voltage spikes which can occur as a result of power surges like lightning strikes.

Other kinds of safety relays

By going for relay buy online, you can obtain relays that can be used in a multi-purpose manner. The fact is that any characteristic that allows for electrical measurement can be utilized for setting off a relay that stops or starts equipments.

Pumps are safeguarded from damage by using certain electronically driven flow and level switches. If a pump operates without the presence of liquid, it can get overheated and stop functioning at a much rapider pace than the speed with which it can be shut down by a human operator. In such cases, relays are extremely useful as they can keep a track of the fluid, and can stop the pump before the supply of liquid becomes nil.

An electronic relay can also stop equipments before they get overheated or even trigger thermal tapes that offer protection to pipes against freezing temperatures. Again, smoke can be detected by optical relays and accordingly alarms can be activated to alert against a possible fire.

The connection between relays and equipment efficiency

You can opt for relay buy online for automatic turning on and off of machinery as a response to altering conditions. This can indeed do much more than safeguarding equipments from possible damages. A good example is the functioning of a thermostat which activates cooling or heating with the shift in temperature away from comfortable ranges.

On a large scale, plants that have critical power requirements make use of relays for effectively reacting to power supply failures. With the failure of external power, the electronic relay is able to automatically trigger generators or batteries which in turn start providing supplementary power. This is made possible on an instantaneous basis, and there is absolutely no interruption in power supply.

Offices can also go for relay buy online to ensure conservation of energy. On detecting the presence of people in a room, relays allow automatic turning on of light switches, which again get turned off once the room becomes empty. The lights of individual cubicles as well as an entire building can be controlled in this manner.

An electronic relay has becomes an integral component of everyday life for individual households and also for businesses. In fact, companies are searching for newer ways to leverage relays for enhanced operational efficiency.